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Six Types of programmers I will never work with again


Six Types of programmers I will never work with again

A programmer is someone who can convert caffeine and pizza into software. They have a stronger relationship with computers than with any other humans.

I’ve been working in this industry for over a decade now. I have encountered dozens of species in the field of programming. Some are good, but some are way too annoying to work with again.

Let’s take a small tour of the six worst types of programmers I’ve encountered in my life.

The Messy Coder: There are two types of coders: the one who writes clean and slow codes and the one who makes it messy. These codes are difficult to understand, not only for the people who read it but also for the coder himself, which eventually becomes a nightmare to maintain.

A few years back, at the start of my career, I had two interns assigned to me. Just to test them, I gave them both a similar project and also gave them a deadline to complete it. One of them completed the assignment before the deadline, and the other barely completed it on time but successfully submitted it.

Here’s the outcome: The one that was completed before the deadline turns out to be the “messy one.”

Well, it’s up to you what you choose.
Easy and wrong v/s difficult and right.
The choice is pretty clear to me.

The arrogant one : Let’s talk about the worst kinds of programmers “The arrogant ones”. These guys just know it all.

They like to think of themselves as perfectionists, better than everyone else.

Like their thoughts, their knowledge is also limited. At some point in time, their arrogance acts like a barrier, unconsciously shutting them from learning new things, which makes them a lot less useful.

Arrogance and pride will cost you everything but leave you with nothing.

The confused one : We are all confused at some point in our lives, but are these dudes confused about what they are doing? Why are they doing this? Maybe the reason is

Lack of interest? Maybe they are not made for programming.

Programming is an art, and if you are not passionate enough , this is not the right place for you.

Well, my suggestion for these people is to go get a life or maybe a better career option.

The Bad Communicator

I believe for developers, communicating with computers is much easier than communicating with real people, but isn’t communication supposed to be the key to everything?

When it comes to communication, especially involving engineers, they are generally not known for their stellar communication skills.
But the lack of communication can sometimes cause a lot of damage in terms of team work , client coordination, etc.

We need people who can express themselves , who can present themselves in front of someone.

We need humans, not walking machines.

Blaming it on the users:  As a developer, you need to strive to develop something users can “use.” If the users are struggling with something you wrote, then the problem is yours not theirs, period.

Accepting where you are wrong and improving your work is something many people struggle with.

Even though there are many who strive to become a better version of themselves, some of them will get stuck where they are. , they will restrict themselves to learning something new, which will act as an enemy to the growth of any company.

The bug’s favorite?  The term “bug” came into existence to save the egos of programmers who were too good to be true. In short, the word “error” came into existence to satisfy the egos of our fellow programmers.

We are all aware of the fact that programming bugs are hard to find. If a bug is already located, it is easy to fix, but it is difficult to ensure that all the bugs have been removed from a program,

I’ve been in contact with a lot of these bugs, man

And if I talk about my experience, these people are simple minded . They will do what they are asked to do. But what we are looking for is someone who can think outside the box and think about all the possibilities that can create bugs in a program.

Programmers are artists in the world of technology . Some of these artists are extraordinary and some of them are not. But hiring the right programmer in this world where quality talent is almost dead is a very very challenging job, so Think before you hire