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6 Reasons why you should join a startup


6 Reasons why you should join a startup

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “startup”?

I know, it’s all cool and exciting unless someone asks you to join a startup over a well-established MNC.

Let’s take a situation where you have recently graduated from a prestigious institute and have to choose between a high-paying entry-level position at a reputable brand and, on the other hand, you have a job offer from a growing startup with a team of 10 members. Now the question is what will you choose?

Either you can make a smart and safe choice by selecting a big brand, or you can take the risk and choose a startup.

If you are choosing the brand, you’re making a smart choice, but a smart choice is not always the right choice.

Even after the great success of many startups like Fresh works, Nykaa, etc., etc I can’t even name them all.

People still hesitate to join startups. Yes, it is risky to join a startup, but trust me, the risk is worth it all.

I think everyone should join a startup in the initial stages of their career, and here’s why:

The Benefits of Joining a Startup

  • More opportunities
  • You’ll never get bored.
  • Flexibility
  • Better Networking
  • Learning from the innovators
  • culture

More opportunities:  Working in a MNC is like working in a large army, whereas working in a startup is like joining a special forces unit. In an army, you have the strength of numbers and you will be trained to get a specialization in a particular category, but in special forces, only a limited number of people are selected and the strength is comparatively very low, and you might have to take multiple roles. Most startups always give their employees more responsibility than an established company, which eventually results in better learning opportunities.

You’ll never get bored: Working in a startup is a rollercoaster ride. You will go up and you will come down, but you’ll never get bored. People who join a startup in its initial stages are like front-line warriors; they don’t have any barriers; they are responsible and accountable for making their own decisions. Experiments are allowed in a startup to see what works and what does not. If you are someone who is passionate about the work you’re doing, a startup is the right place for you.

Flexibility: Most startups look for outcome instead of output. You’ll never have to deal with any kind of strict dress code or proper 9 to 5 schedule, and it obviously doesn’t mean that you will work less, but you will be your own boss. If I talk about my own team, we don’t believe in managing people, we believe in accountability. We have a very simple mantra: An accountable employee does not need a manager.

Better Networking: One thing I’ve learned from my experience in this industry is that networking is the most essential part for one to not only survive but thrive. When you work at some big corporation in some big workspace, you will get stuck in one big department where you can reach only those people, but working in a startup, you’re working closely with all sorts of people, even the innovators.
You will end up making a lot of connections and learning.

Learning from the Innovators: Working in a startup can play a very vital role in your career because you’ll be working closely with the innovators who created the business, and let’s be honest, building a business is not a child’s play.

Everyone wants to own a business, but only a few will have the courage to do so. Entrepreneurs are people who have the courage to create a business.

You will learn a lot of things from them that no other big corporate gig or any sort of experience will teach you.

It is an opportunity very few will get. Startups are very specific in choosing their teammates. They don’t have a very big budget for hiring people in bulk, so they choose quality over quantity and select the best.

Culture: You spend most of your time working in an office. Your office is like your second home. Since startups are small and have a limited number of people in their team, you will have a chance to get to know your coworkers personally and create a bond with them. Working in a startup team is like building a small family. Startups believe in building team relationships, which is great because you get to participate in a lot of events, including free lunches and dinners.

Individual Growth: When you join a startup at its early stage, you are a part of building a company. Every step you take can make a big difference in your growth.

of the company.

You can say that the growth of a company is equivalent to the growth of its employees.

Let’s take an example of Freshworks. The company had its public offering in the year 2021. Over 70% of their employees hold shares, and over 500 employees became millionaires after the IPO launch, and 70 of them were under the age of 30. Those 500 employees trusted the startup and achieved the goal, which helped them grow. If you are joining a big corporation after its success, you will just be a tiny part of the company, but in a startup, you matter and your growth matters.

The Conclusion: The one thing people need to understand is that every well-established brand was once a startup that was trusted by its warriors, i.e., the early adopters.

Well, it’s up to an individual to decide whether he/she should join a startup or an MNC. If you are someone who is passionate about your work, you should try your luck in a startup, and if you are someone who believes in working with a large group of people, you should take a big corporate GiG.